cosplay of Tallinn: Umbrella Corp.

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You live in a strange and fragile world.

1. Level up your health.
2. Be careful and cautious in taking action.
3. Take care of your close ones.

The idea of cosplay on street theatre spaces of Old Tallinn includes tourist quests and entertainment. We use the Umbrella Corporation symbol as an easily recognisable one for any fan of a cool zombie action universe.
Primary social message: caring for the environment, health and your close ones. .
Society needs organised emergency and disaster training for all individuals. In Soviet era such training, which covered chemical and bacterial defense topics, was given in basic military training classes as well as in enterprises. We would like to point out that importance of this matter is still high.
We are ready to provide a show program for your corporate events, lead a wide range of fun theatrical quests. We can also run campaigns for peace, stopping the escalation of arms race, for homeland ecology and environmental values of our world.

Got an idea for cooperation? Contact the cosplayers:

+372 561 89 686, Vana-Vene Toomas

Tallinn cosplay events are provided by the Free Union „Gas Masks Instead Of Faces“.

Learn more about the movement:, chanell Youtube, web page of the Union, and this article.


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